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Areas I like to work in.

Data rack room

I love analysing data, and I have certifications in Python and Tableau in doing so on customer data. I think UX discovery should incorporate this more.

I am highly skilled in applying design thinking principles to solve complex technology problems. If you have a gnarly problem that needs a patient person to chip away at it, that’s me.

How complicated?

Magnifying glass over graphs

I’ve worked on bringing UX to technology as complicated as homomorphically encrypted machine learning, privacy preserving APIs, an actual programming language.

Data rack room

I have brought service design thinking to areas like cybersecurity and cloud technology. I combine technical know-how with curiosity. I’ve worked closely with engineers for my entire career this way.

What I value

My personal perspective is guided by these principles.

🛠️ Integrity

I am committed to working to the highest standards possible with every project to maintain quality built solutions that are deeply integrated with user needs.

😌 Serenity

I believe even in challenging situations that solutions can be approached mindfully, calmly and carefully.

🔮 Vision

I design forward-thinking solutions that meet users’ needs today and in the future. Anticipating potential problems with a future-focussed mindset.

🤝 Respect

I value diverse perspectives and fostering an inclusive environment.

🔐 Security

I am deeply committed to ensuring user data and privacy are always protected. Treated with the upmost care.

♾️ Inclusivity

I design accessibility-first experiences for all users. The materials we build with, in tech, need to be accessibility ready where available.

⏳ Patience

I take reasonable time to understand and address complex challenges thoughtfully. We may make mistakes, but acknowledging them and pivoting should be encouraged.

🧮 Discovery through Building

Creation often leads to important discoveries through testing solutions, my time working in startups has emphasised the benefits of trialling new technology.

🛟 Collaboration First

Designers are not lone geniuses. I prioritise participatory design and codesign approaches in all my work to leverage team insights from the outset.

I have worked with some amazing brands

Logo Australian Greens - a political party
Logo - Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organisation Australia
Logo - Queensland State Government Australia
Logo - Australian Bureau of Statistics
Logo - Real Estate company FLNT pronounced "Flint"
Logo - Terria, a map startup for large scale data visualisations
Logo - Data61 CSIRO a data science research institute in Australia
Logo - Australian Government Prime Minister and Cabinet
Logo - Australian Government Department of Social Services
Logo - Australian Insititute of Health and Welfare
Logo - CoPower, a cooperative energy reseller
Logo - Thoughtworks, a global software consultancy
Logo - Another Go, a software consultancy empowering women and minorities
Logo - Idea Layer, an Australian touch screen startip
Logo - Australian e-Health Research Centre CSIRO Australia

“Liz is a brilliant and incisive researcher with an unusual ability to synthesise perspectives, illuminate the key questions in multi-stakeholder problems and co-design powerful strategic interventions and responses.”

Viveka Weiley

Leader of Future Digital Worlds at CSIRO Data61

“[Liz] quickly gains the trust of product owners and execs through her logical rationals, effective and animated story-telling and defence of the customer experience.
I would be absolutely thrilled to work with her again and recommend her for roles that require an experienced and empathetic approach to customer research, design and user testing.”

Kate Linton

Global Head of Design Thoughtworks

“I had the pleasure of working with Liz on a strategic piece of work for a client. I enjoyed the experience, as she brought a significant customer focus and perspective to the work.”

Michael Joyce

Principal Engineering Consultant at Thoughtworks New Zealand

“Liz brings a tsunami of good vibes and energy to her work. She cares very deeply about her customers and clients and dives deeply into seemingly impenetrable quagmires of data, emerging with a carefully considered holistic analysis of what she finds.

Andy Marks

Head of Engineering Moula

“Liz brought a lot of technical, legislative, and contextual knowledge that levelled up the Greens’ accessibility knowledge and proficiency… What truly stood out to me though is Liz’s depth of knowledge beyond the specifications.

John Twyman

Head of IT Australian Greens

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Like an octopus in the current, my flexibility is my strength. I have versatility even in the gnarliest of tech problems.

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